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About Us

HI! My name is Michelle Dally Cunningham.  I have 3 kids (13yo daughter and twin boys, 8yo). I started my business in 2002, with my sister, Laura Dally Wells.  I "retired" from being a Registered Dietitian, to stay home and have fun! My sister, retired from teaching PE, with 2 children. She named her daughter Dally.... Actually, I convinced her to stay at home so I had someone to talk to throughout the day!!

It all started 13 yrs ago ...I had 10 friends having babies about the same time, and knew I could not afford nice monogrammed gifts.  Soooooo, I convinced my husband to buy me an embroidery machine so I could make the gifts myself. HAHA (of course the gifts would have been cheaper than the machine).  I then started selling personalized burp cloths  and baby gifts on ebay (when ebay first started up). I eventually went to Market in Atlanta and opened a website to expand my product line. 

After embroidery came Vinyl Stickers!!! I had the urge to monogram EVERYTHING!  So I invested in a vinyl cutter. Since then, I have made stickers for company logos, car decals, cell phone stickers and much more!  The stickers are my #1 seller!

As a female, we have a love for jewelry! One of my friends asked me to make some really neat bracelets for her with vintage medals.  After some research, I got hooked into the antique world of medals and charms!  I got hooked up with some dealers in Belgium and started a wholesale division, Vintaj by Dallysisters. Now, I  sell vintage jewelry, at market in Atlanta to boutiques around the country.  My goal is to get into as least 1 store in every state.  I'm getting close! My jewelry is also available online.

My website is definately a mix of all my passions.  I am creative, yet not so organized all the time. So I hope you enjoy my website and please forgive me if you see anything that needs attention let me know!  Ill fix it after I finish doing homework or cleaning up the pasta off the floor.

I would love to hear from you!

Thank you for visiting Dallysisters

Michelle & Laura

Donny is my bro in the 1st Pic!



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