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About Us

HI! My name is Michelle Dally Cunningham.  I have 3 kids (16yo daughter and twin boys, 11yo). I started my business in 2002, with my sister, Laura Dally Wells.  I "retired" from being a Registered Dietitian, to stay home and have fun! My sister, retired from teaching PE, with 2 children.

Actually, I convinced her to stay at home so I had someone to talk to throughout the day!!  She named her daughter Dally. 

It all started 16 yrs ago ...I had 10 friends having babies about the same time, and knew I could not afford nice monogrammed gifts.  Soooooo, I convinced my husband to buy me an embroidery machine so I could make the gifts myself. HAHA (of course the gifts would have been cheaper than the machine).  I then started selling personalized burp cloths  and baby gifts on ebay (when ebay first started up). I eventually went to Market in Atlanta and opened a website to expand my product line. 

After embroidery came Vinyl Stickers!!! I had the urge to monogram EVERYTHING!  So I invested in a vinyl cutter. Since then, I have made stickers for company logos, car decals, cell phone stickers and much more!  The stickers are my #1 seller!

As a female, we have a love for jewelry! One of my friends asked me to make some really neat bracelets for her with vintage medals.  After some research, I got hooked into the antique world of medals and charms!  I got hooked up with some dealers in Belgium and started a wholesale division of Dallysisters. Now, I  sell vintage jewelry, at market in Atlanta to boutiques around the country.  You can find us on Facebook, Instagram, Etsy and our website. 

My website is definately a mix of all my passions.  I am creative, yet not so organized all the time. So I hope you enjoy my website and please forgive me if you see anything that needs attention let me know!  Ill fix it after I finish doing homework or cleaning up the pasta off the floor.

I would love to hear from you!

Thank you for visiting Dallysisters

Michelle & Laura

Donny is my bro in the 1st Pic!



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